Who am I?

I have had Narcolepsy since I was 14 years old, but I did not get my diagnosis until the age of 21. I have lived without medical treatments and I manage my symptoms with various methods including mindfulness, CBT and lifestyle adjustments. 

I have a BA degree in Psychology and AA diploma in Fashion Design. I am an ICF certified life coach, a certified Kundalini Yoga instructor and a practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s QHHT hypnosis.

I am currently training as an art therapist (MA Art therapy) and will continue with this blog once I have completed my training and have more time to write! 🙂

(Updated 26. February 2022)

Why Narcolespy Life?

Narcolepsy Life is my attempt to bring information and awareness to the world about Narcolepsy and related topics.

Through my journey of coping with Narcolepsy, I have learned so much about myself and how Narcolepsy has contributed to my personal growth. I have done a lot of research online (read through clinical guides and articles found in the scientific journals/libraries) and talked to many people that have Narcolepsy. 

Altogether, I have found that Narcolepsy is a complicated disorder, neurologically and psychologically. It is challenging to live with, it is difficult to explain, and for those that do not suffer from it, difficult to understand.

I have found a way that enables me to live a happy life with Narcolepsy, medicine free, and I hope to inspire people in finding their way of coping, with or without meds.

This blog is divided into three main themes:

  • my own experiences of Narcolepsy, the symptoms, and how I cope without meds
  • scientific knowledge and the newest research developments of Narcolepsy
  • how I have made use of the power of vivid+lucid dreaming, that has been an essential element when living a Narcolepsy Life without medical treatments. 

I hope you enjoy, learn something new or at least, be inspired!

If you would like to see a post about a particular Narcolepsy related topic, feel free to contact me: contact@narcolepsylife.com